Parents of Crystal Warner

HI, we are Mary and Bryan, the parents of Crystal Warner.  On July 3, 2016, Bobby Jones and Crystal went missing.  On July 8, we learned they had been murdered.  Their killer has been arrested and is in jail.  But he has refused to tell anyone where he dumped Crystal and Bobby’s bodies.

We had to search for Bobby and Crystal and we didn’t know where to look. We contacted KYK9 Search and Reunite, a team that uses search dogs and experienced volunteer searchers to find missing people.  We are so thankful and grateful for Jennifer Jordan Hall, the search team and the dogs.  Early on, we witnessed K9’s Scout, Remy and Pocket searching for Crystal.  We were amazed at how hard they worked and how good their noses were.    

Crystal and Bobby

Crystal and Bobby

Bobby was found after 4 long weeks, but Crystal was not found.  Our biggest fear was that we would never find Crystal.  We prayed for God’s help.  Months passed.  We prayed more.  And, God has answered our prayers.  Crystal’s remains were found 2 weeks ago, November 30, 2016.

KYK9 worked tirelessly looking for Crystal for 5 months, never giving up. Jennifer called us every week to check on us and to let us know what, and where her plans were for the next search.   

We feel blessed to have had KYK9’s help and think the world of KYK9 and Jennifer Jordan Hall. She is now a good friend and has treated us with the utmost respect for our feelings and what we are going through.  Jennifer is special not only because of her search skills and her special dogs, but because of her passion for helping the families of murder victims, families like ours.  We want other families to know about KYK9, so KYK9 can help them like they have helped us.   

Mary and Bryan

Police Officer who worked with KYK9

I have tremendous respect for the abilities of search dogs and the
dedication of their handlers/owners.  I cannot imagine a more professional
and dedicated individual.  Your care about your dogs was also obvious and
exemplary. I was impressed with the way you made use of the resources as
they changed and became available.  It was an honor to have you and your
dogs contribute to this important effort.

Know your efforts that they are greatly appreciated.  Thank your dogs for
me.  The conditions were tough; but, they performed wonderfully.

Family member of missing college student

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your enthusiasm, your caring demeanor and your selflessness. Not many people in this world would continue to press the issue and help an unknown family like you have. I am truly amazed and I feel blessed.   Thank you again for your incredible heart throughout this trying time.

Mother of a missing toddler

[2 ½ year old, Christina Norris, tragically drowned in the Ohio River.  Nearing the one year anniversary, Christina’s mother, Paige Cooper, contacted KYK9 to thank us for searching for Christina.  We met.  This is a note she sent after we met.]

"As part of my grieving and healing, awhile back I reached out on Facebook to this person, Jennifer Jordan Hall, part of a K9 Unit who has 2 very sweet dogs, Remy and Scout.  They were the dogs that tried to rescue Christina.  I wanted to thank her for trying so hard to save my baby.  I was so happy when Jennifer offered for me and my girls to meet the dogs again.  We met at a park and immediately both dogs went after Alix who was in her car seat wrapped in an old blanket of Christina’s. The dogs remembered Christina’s scent!  Almost a year ago! They were trying to rescue Christina!  My God, it was heartwarming.  I guess you just don’t realize stuff.   I never even took the time to think that I wasn't the only person affected by the loss of my sweet baby girl! Not only me and my family but the people who tried to help find her and even the dogs! I am so grateful that I got to sit down and talk face to face with Jennifer Jordan Hall and the dogs to say thank you!  And I know Christina is safe now and that she is happy where she is. If she could be here today she would tell every one of you, "thank you so much for taking care of my mommy!"     - Paige

Detective who worked with KYK9

Thank you very much for your assistance.  I will try to keep you all up to date on the case.  Your dogs and you are a blessing to this area. 

Police officer working with KYK9 to find missing children 

I am a police officer with Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY.  There is not enough praise I can give to KYK9 Search and Reunite that would suffice.  In a city that populates 800,000 people with over 100,000 students, 150 facilities, and 14,000 employees, JCPS needs every advantage we can get.  Ms. Jennifer Jordan Hall and I have worked three times together searching for elementary school kids.  All three children were found safe.

Any time I hear that a child has fled from school or is lost, I hope the child is found immediately.   But once the decision is made to call the KYK9 team, I look forward to seeing them and know the game is now in our favor.  I learn something new every time I work with their team.  I have learned from Ms. Hall certain things have to happen (i.e., do not touch the child’s desk) and certain questions need to be answered (i.e., where child was last seen).   

Once the call is made to KYK9, Jennifer and her team are on their way without hesitation, arriving within 30 minutes.  One time, Ms. Hall and the dogs were leaving town to go to an out of state training seminar.  She changed her plans to help us. The second time I had the privilege to work with KYK9, a kindergartner boy ran out of school in an urban area with houses, apartments, and busy streets.  There were so many places that the child could have hidden it would have been impossible for people to search every nook and cranny.  The KYK9 team took us straight to the child and K9 Scout found him safe and sound.

I enjoy working with Ms. Hall.  Ms. Hall makes it easy to include me into their team.  The dogs are using their noses, Jennifer handles the dogs while looking for the person, and I eventually switch gears to keep my eyes open and look for the child.  Once the dog picks up speed, I know good things are about to happen.  Their enthusiasm to work and find the child is contagious. 

The most recent time we worked together, an eleven year old boy left school, crossing one of the busiest streets in Louisville, and walked over two miles in 90 degree weather to his house.  Jennifer asked school personnel questions that I never would have thought to ask in order to save precious time and possibly a precious life.  She took scent from the child’s desk and went to his house to start the search.    The search included following the boy’s scent through a neighborhood and continued to open fields with large hills, valleys, ditch lines, high grass, woods, and dense vegetation with lots of hiding spots.  KYK9 never missed a beat following the boy’s scent. 

The boy had been missing for four and a half hours.  All three dogs conducted searches over a two hour time span in the hot sun.  K9 Pocket found the boy who was dehydrated and hiding in the dense wooded area with low hanging trees.  Having KYK9 there made a huge difference.  I am so proud to say I was with K9 Pocket on her first “real world” rescue.

Without KYK9, this boy would probably not have been found before it got dark or until the next day.  Without KYK9 the outcome, literally, could have been life-threatening.  KYK9 is one of the most important parts of our department.  K9 Remy, K9 Scout and K9 Pocket do things that people cannot.  Ms. Hall goes well above and beyond to accommodate in their effort and ours.  Not to mention the time, effort, and money saved, the entire KYK9 team saves lives.  Even though the reasons may not be the best of circumstances to see each other, it is always an honor and privilege to work with Jennifer and the KYK9 team.  

Daughter of Ron Bailey

Parents of UPS Pilot

Michael and his son

Michael and his son

Dear IPA Pilots - We are Larry and Joann Kimsey.  Our son James Michael (Mike) Kimsey was a UPS pilot and a proud member of your union.  Michael went missing in May 2015.  After his remains were found in January 2016, we were honored to meet many of you at his memorial service.  We want to thank each of you for coming up to us, individually, after the service to pay your respects.  Seeing all the pilots in uniform made us so proud of Michael and your condolences helped us grieve his loss. 

We are writing to ask for your support of an organization that helped us beyond measure when Michael went missing.  So often we hear of many charitable organizations that help lots of families.  Most of us think—oh, I will probably never need assistance from one of these organizations.  

That’s what we thought too, until the day Michael suddenly disappeared.  We needed help!  We located a fabulous K9 search dog organization to help us.  They are KYK9 Search and Reunite Services of Louisville. The team includes K9 Scout, K9 Remy, and K9 Pocket, 3 incredibly hard working search dogs, their handler and trainer Jennifer Jordan Hall, and a team of trained searchers. During the search for Michael, KYK9 brought in experts from as far away as Louisiana, including trained search and recovery divers, and an underwater ROV pilot.      

We can never thank KYK9 enough for all the help they have given our family. Jennifer, the dogs and the entire KYK9 team searched tirelessly for Michael.  KYK9’s search experience, expertise, and professionalism was exceptional.  Jennifer talked with us often and helped us when no one else could or would.  We will never forget her kindness and she will always remain close to our hearts.

Your thoughtfulness and kindness in supporting KYK9 to honor Michael would be greatly appreciated.

With sincere thanks,

Larry and Joann

Sergeant who worked with KYK9

Thank you again for letting me tag along with your search efforts. It was a learning experience for me and your team is absolutely a joy to work with. It was a pleasure working with you and your team, both human and K9!! I love your dogs to pieces.  You guys are doing a great service and hope people are appreciative of it. My prayers be with you in your journeys for safe travels and successful results!! 

Family whose adult son went missing

We contacted KYK9 in hopes that you would help us in the search for our missing son.  Shortly thereafter, we were blessed with just such an opportunity.  We were amazed at what the dogs were able to accomplish and thank each of you for sharing in our burden for our loved one.  We left that day with new hope and gratitude for all of you and wish we could always have you by our side as we continue our search

Search and Rescue Fire Squad

Jennifer - After talking to the fire chief I have found that the elderly man we searched for this week had walked the entire distance. He had walked nearly the exact track K9 Scout had led us on. He had traveled 2.9 miles.  

Father of young war veteran with PTSD

Kevin Eve, age 25.

Kevin Eve, age 25.

Hi Jennifer,
It was good seeing you at Kevin’s visitation.  I owe you so much but do not express myself well.  The article you wrote is wonderful and captures Kevin, his illness, the efforts made to find him, and the tragic ending to his story.  Please share this story.  I feel, no know, Kevin is smiling down on you! - Pat


Chief of Police who searched with KYK9

Dear Jennifer, I trust everything is going well. I want to let you know that our missing seventeen year old we recovered after two days in woods of Bullitt County Kentucky graduated from High School. Time flies since those hot couple of days, September 2013, when KYK9 helped with the search for Billy. After his recovery, he received the help he desperately needed and appears to be moving on with his life in a positive direction.

I wish you continued success and gratitude for your commitment of finding lost persons.

Public School Director of Security

Dear Ms. Hall:  I would like to commend and offer support to KYK9 Search and Reunite Services, due to the important work your organization has done for Jefferson County Public Schools since the beginning of the school year in 2007.  KYK9 has responded rapidly for several missing student incidents. KYK9 has always been flexible in responding to schools, bus stops, student homes, or neighborhoods as needed to begin searches.

One of our most serious incidents occurred on January 23, 2008, when a six year old student was abducted from an elementary school.  KYK9 responded rapidly to the school and quickly went into action. Due to your quick reaction we were able to verify that the child wasn’t in the neighborhood, but was abducted and taken in a vehicle.

In the August 2008, a student was missing on the first day of school.  KYK9 responded quickly to the bus stop because of advance planning and preparation. A rapid search of the neighborhood was conducted to find the student.

In August 2010, KYK9 responded to a high school in south Louisville in the late hours of the night searching for a teen mentally challenged student.  Although the search continued after midnight, the student was found and returned to his family.

Just this year on May 6, 2015, an elementary school was distressed to find a 10 year old student missing from the school after they conducted a search of the school and campus. KYK9 arrived at the school within 25 minutes after being notified. The child was found in woods two miles from the school.

The above incidents are examples of KYK9's rapid response and flexibility.  At Jefferson County Public Schools we appreciate the amazing work and importance of your organization in protecting our students.

Stanford T. Mullen, Jr., Director, Security and Investigations Unit

Prosecutor who called Jennifer as an expert witness in a capital murder case

Dear Ms. Hall:  I wanted to write you and personally thank you for your testimony in the capital murder trials of [redacted].

Your testimony was clear and to the point and jurors can really relate to you and your testimony.  You did a great job in testifying in a horribly tragic case involving the murder of two small children.  I sincerely appreciate the work that you do and your ability to relate your work to a jury of your peers.

If I can ever be of help to you in your work please do not hesitate to contact me. . . . Thank you again for the amazing job you did on the stand.

Elementary School Principal with Missing Child

Dear Ms. Hall:  

I am writing this letter to commend you for your excellent work with K9 search and rescue dogs. You and your dog, Pocket, provide an invaluable service in times of need, and your level of professionalism is wonderful.  I appreciated your offer to have Pocket come to school so that you could talk to our students about the job that you do together. It's very interesting!

Thanks again for providing this service to the community. I would recommend KYK9 Search and Reunite Services highly to anyone.