K9 Remy - Written On The Occasion of her 12th Birthday

KYK9 Newsletter  June 2017

K9 Remy

K9 Remy may be the least well known of KYK9's search dogs, at least on social media. Remy works with purpose, joy, little fanfare, and tries to avoid the camera at all costs. Remy is the littlest of KYK9's three (3) dogs, weighing in at 12 pounds. She is also the furriest, sporting an unruly rough coat that readily catches ticks, burrs, and dirt.

Perhaps the best word to describe Remy is intellectual. Her vet calls her a "problem solver," a trait that is reflected in her search style. She works methodically, periodically stopping to analyze the unique scent picture of every search. All three dogs work differently: Scout zips, Pocket gallops, and Remy thinks. 

Remy has a decidedly feminine frame and delicate sensibilities.  But like her sisters, she is tenacious and tough. She comes by her toughness honestly, as her great-grandmother was killed by a bear, while protecting her owner.  

The search work has been particularly tough for Remy this year.  She injured her foot pretty badly during a search, but quickly recovered. A few months later while on another search, Remy was bitten by a brown recluse spider and was very sick.  Yet she battled through it and didn't complain even when she had to wear toddler onesies to keep her wound clean.  Remy even had enough self-assurance to wear her onesie while on an actual search.

Throughout her search career, Remy has always had an incredible knack for finding people. In March, she found small human bones in an area that had already been searched. I was so proud of her!  Last summer on one of the hottest days of the year, Remy correctly picked up and followed the trail of a missing person.  

Remy and I have been partners since she was a pup. As Remy turns 12, she is still hard at work.  Her nose, trademark intellect, and methodical search style continues to be successful.  
Happy Birthday Partner!

Remy Being Remy


Remy Working




Emergency Contact: 502-295-7972




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Searching for $cents

KYK9 Annual Fund Drive 2016

Searching for $cents

The vast majority of KYK9's funding is raised during our year end fund drive.  We are so, so thankful and grateful for our generous donors.  This year, KYK9 met many new community members during our searches for Adriane Koch, Justin Holland, Scottie Fannin, and Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner.  If you learned about the KYK9's search dogs on TV or by word of mouth from family members or friends, please know that these searches and others were made possible by the generosity of individual donors.  If you are so moved, you can help other families like Adriane's, Justin's, Scottie's, Bobby's and Crystal's by making a year end donation to KYK9.   Your donation will fund our searches in 2017. 

Wishing you a happy and safe New Year!    Scout, Remy, and Pocket

P.S.  KYK9 is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your donation is tax deductible.

A Look Back at 2016

2016 has been the “Year of the Family” for KYK9 as many requests for our search services have come directly from families who are desperately trying to find a missing loved one.  Each of these families has shown strength, courage, and love, coping with the not-knowing and the fear of never finding their loved one. 

The year started with UPS pilot, Mike Kimsey’s, remains being found.  He had been missing for 7 months and his cause of death was determined to be unknown. Michael’s parents and sister included KYK9 as part of the family as they grieved and said goodbye.  

Remy meets MR. and Mrs. Kimsey while searching for their son, Michael.

On a search in Western Kentucky, we were looking for the missing brother of a deputy sheriff.  After a long day searching, K9 Pocket scooted under a massive hillside thicket, and returned indicating that she had located the brother’s remains. We humans could not penetrate the tangled briars.  Our search partner, Scott Heltsley, returned to the area multiple times and was ultimately able to recover the brother’s remains. Scott received the KY Sheriff Association’s Volunteer of the Year Award for his effort, which he shared with Pocket!

On an urban search for a woman with suicidal ideations, K9 Remy gave us direction of travel to the area where the woman was located.  On a search in the hills of Eastern Kentucky for a young man who went missing under suspicious circumstances, K9 Pocket, working the hill’s ridgelines, indicated the area where the man’s body was ultimately recovered. 

Since July 6, KYK9 has been searching for Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner, a young couple shot and killed in Springfield, KY, by a tenant who owed back rent.  The suspect was arrested and awaits trial, but refused to reveal the location of the bodies. In August, Bobby’s body was found 2 hours from the crime scene.  Crystal’s remains were finally found last week on November 30, 25 miles from Bobby’s body. We so admire the strength and faith the families have shown during this tragedy.

Scout checking out a cistern while searching for Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner

Scout checking out a cistern while searching for Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner

During our many searches this year, KYK9 gained new volunteer members who are dedicated, selfless and talented searchers: Sarah, Joe, JD, Chrissy, Jamie, Tresa, and Mary.  They are a wonderful addition to the KYK9 team, joining searchers Julie, Chip, Rachael and Chris.

For the first time, KYK9 hosted a training seminar with nationally renowned trainer Matt Zarrella, a retired Rhode Island State Trooper. The seminar was a great success with dog teams coming from NY, OH, PA, and RI.  K9 Pocket is now nationally certified in Crime Scene Evidence and Water HRD.

Pocket takes a a well-deserved rest after getting nationally certified in water human remains detection. Yeah Pocket!

Pocket takes a a well-deserved rest after getting nationally certified in water human remains detection. Yeah Pocket!

We are so very thankful for your continued, vital financial support of KYK9.  This year, in addition to raising funds to cover search and training costs, we have two (2) immediate funding needs: $3,400 for KYK9’s hazardous duty liability insurance and $4,500 to pay outstanding vet bills.  Searching this year was particularly treacherous, requiring unexpected emergency medical care for Pocket and Remy.

Thank you for believing in KYK9’s mission and financially supporting our search work.
With gratitude,
Jennifer Jordan Hall

Crystal Warner's Body Found after 5 Months

Crystal Warner's mother, Mary Reeve, has been notified that human remains found late Monday in Bath County off I-64, exit 123, were positively identified as her daughter. Crystal's body was found hidden under a fallen tree by a man working a bulldozer. Crystal has been missing 5 months. She and her boyfriend, Bobby Jones, were shot and killed July 3 while checking on their rental property in Springfield, KY. Bobby was found August 5th off I-64, exit 101. Please say an extra prayers for Crystal's mom and step-father. Bryan Reeve, today.

Wildfires Envelop Gatlinburg. At least 7 dead

As most of you know, on Monday wildfires, which have been ravaging forests in Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina for the past month, spread rapidly toward the heavily populated tourist area of Gatlinburg, TN in Sevier County.  Heavy 30-40 mph winds, gusting to 70- 80 mph, gave residents and officials little warning or time to escape. Social media is replete with harrowing videos of individuals desperately driving trying to escape the fires raging around them. 

Mandatory evacuation was ordered in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and remains in place for Gatlinburg residents. At least 7 people have died and more than 700 buildings destroyed, 300 within the Gatlinburg city limits.  This number will likely rise.  Fortunately, rain this afternoon is helping firefighters battle to control the fires.  Below is a briefing map shared by the night shift fire command with day shift fire command this morning.  This map was obtained by wildfiretoday.com. 

The USDA Forest Service and other governmental entities have  excellent maps with up-to-date information on the location and size of wildfires.  If you are worried about friends, family, property, favorite vacation spots, or the trees and wildlife of the forest, we highly recommend that you explore these government sites.  You also should check out Wildfire Today.com.   If you have any good maps to share, please do!  We hope this is helpful and pray that you and your loved ones have remained out of harms way.

Helpful Fire Maps

National Fire Situational Awareness
Active Fire Mapping
This shows that the fire in Gatlinburg, or Chimney 2 fire, is only 10% contained.

This shows that the fire in Gatlinburg, or Chimney 2 fire, is only 10% contained.




K9 Remy Bitten

K9 Remy was bitten by an insect while searching.  I took Remy to the vet this morning and her wound was very swollen and infected, with lots of dead tissue.  The vet hopes that medical treatment will get the wound to heal from the inside out.  Blood and pus has been oozing out all day.  But, if Remy was bitten by a brown recluse spider, Dr. Nevils will have to operate to remove the dead tissue.  Please keep Remy in your thoughts and prayers.  

Woman Donates Father's Bones to KYK9

This piece was reported by Kasey Cunningham, WAVE3.  You can watch the interview here.  I have added extra pictures below of Cherish and her dad.  Published Friday, August 5th 2016, 11:38 pm EDT; updated Saturday, August 6th 2016, 12:32 am EDT

By Kasey Cunningham, Reporter  WAVE 3 News

Cherish Bailey Solorio

Cherish Bailey Solorio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In February 2014, Ronald Bailey, 64, disappeared from his home in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Bailey’s daughter, Cherish Bailey Solorio, did not give up until his remains were found in coyote scat in the mountains near his home. The bones were discovered by a search and rescue dog organization.
“It was hard to comprehend,” Solorio said.

Cherish and her dad, Ron Bailey

Cherish and her dad, Ron Bailey

But one thing helped Solorio maintain the search for her father was a search and rescue dog organization, KYK9, that ultimately helped find Ronald Bailey.
“She kept coming and helping me.” Solorio said, “She started to find pieces of my dad's skull in different areas.”
Handler Jennifer Jordan Hall Parson’s Russell Terriers named Scout, Remy and Pocket train for hours to help find missing people. Part of their training is using bones, but it’s increasingly difficult to find human bone to train with.

“The bone is just something that's hard to get,” Hall said.

But when Solorio went to the coroner’s office on Wednesday to retrieve her father’s bones, she had a purpose for the pieces.

Five out of the six of the bones are going to Parson’s, for Scout, Pocket and Remy to use for training.

“I want to help any other family,” Solorio said, “so the dogs can train more on human bone.”

Precious pieces of her dad will live on in service.

“That's what my dad would want,” Solorio said, “because he lived in nature and obviously died in nature.”

The gift came as a shock to Hall.
“I was just really touched and honored,” Hall said. “I hope the dogs will be able to help someone because she helped us.”

Cherish will keep a piece of her father as well, a scrap of his clothing that was found in the woods.

“If it helps one family in training or anything like that, my dad did his job,” Solorio said.

Cherish says hi to Pocket, who helped find her dad's remains.

Cherish says hi to Pocket, who helped find her dad's remains.

KYK9 Search Updates

This is copy of a newsletter sent out August 24, 2016.

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KYK9 Search and Reunite
Finding Missing Persons, Reuniting Families
Search Updates
August 24, 2016

I am writing to update you on two missing person cases.

Adriane Koch, 59, Louisville, KY

I am sad to report that earlier today I learned that the body of Adriane Koch has been found Missing since July 7, Adriane's body was located in a wooded area near Old La Grange Road. K9 Scout, K9 Remy and K9 Pocket worked hard in extreme heat and humidity to find Adriane, searching corn fields, briar patches, woods, and creeks. The last 7 weeks of not knowing have been so difficult for Adriane's family and and we send them our deepest condolences.

Bobby Jones, 38, and Crystal Warner, 35, Florence, KY

Crystal and Bobby went missing July 3. After weeks of searching, Bobby's body was found off I-64 at Exit 101 near Winchester, KY. Crystal's body still has not been found. Her mother and father are suffering, not knowing when or if they will ever recover Crystal's body. While the KSP is investigating leads, KYK9 is helping Crystal's parents, Bobby's siblings, and dedicated volunteers who continue to search for Crystal day after day.

For those of you who live near I-64 east of Frankfort, KY and I-75 south of Georgetown, KY, please search your property and surroundings for any sign of Crystal. She was wearing a black dress the day she was killed.

Volunteer searchers for Crystal have included the parents and family of Crystal Rogers of Bardstown, KY, who went missing July 3, 2015, exactly a year to the day that Crystal Warner went missing. The pain parents suffer when a child goes missing, no matter the age, is agonizing and unique, creating a fellowship of heartache.

Praying that we find both Crystals!

K9 Scout, K9 Remy and K9 Pocket

Join Us in Online Day of Giving on Sept 15

KYK9 is participating in Kentucky's biggest day of Online Giving on Thursday September 15, 2016. Last year we raised over $9,000 and we need your help to raise even more this year. We hope you will consider including us as one of your supported charities.

We will send you information and a direct link to KYK9's Give Local donation page.
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Search continues for missing couple, day after body found in Clark Co.

Bobby Jones 

Coverage of our search efforts in the rain.  

By Garrett Wymer | 

Posted: Sat 7:19 PM, Aug 06, 2016  | 

Updated: Sun 5:44 PM, Aug 07, 2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The rain on Saturday did not stop people from searching for the bodies of a missing couple from northern Kentucky, one day after a body was found in Clark County.

Investigators on Friday discovered remains in an embankment along Goshen Road, not far from Interstate 64.

State Police say they do not expect to have a positive identification on that body until next week, but some family and friends told WKYT's Kristen Kennedy on Friday that they are confident it is one of their loved ones.

Several groups of families and friends searched in Clark County today, while volunteers with KYK9 Search and Reunite Services, a non-profit organization, brought out their human remains detection dogs to search in Montgomery County.

"What we've done - because this was a needle in a haystack - we created a search plan based on our search knowledge and information about the suspect's patterns," said Jennifer Jordan Hall, director and K9 handler with the organization. "It's turned out that that search pattern...has been really helpful, because that's where this other body was found."

Hall says crews recently searched the area in Clark County where the body was found, but they did not have the dogs to help with them at the time.

They hope now they can find the bodies - and closure for the families - soon.

"The families of both have been so strong," Hall said. "We've been really honored to work with them. I just really hope we can find them as soon as possible."

Even though they got caught in some downpours on Saturday morning, Hall says the rain can actually help the dogs pick up the scent for which they are searching.

Hall asks anyone else out in the Montgomery County/Clark County area to check around their property and keep their eyes open.

On Wednesday, the man charged with Jones' and Warner's murder pleaded not guilty.

Click here for a GoFundMe page to donate to KYK9 for their help searching.

KYK9 responds to Golden Alert

Search efforts multiply for missing woman

Monday, July 11th 2016, 11:31 am   WAVE3.com

EDT Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 12:28 am EDT

By John P. Wise, Director of Digital Media

By Kasey Cunningham, Reporter 

[Adriane Koch was last seen on July 7.] Adriane Koch was last seen on July 7.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Loved ones are trying to spread the word about a Louisville woman who's been missing since July 7.

Another Facebook post indicates that Koch "did not have keys to get back inside the house, a phone, identification, a purse or a vehicle. The garage door was shut and ... certain items in the house were situated as if Adriane knew she was leaving, but she did not leave any sort of note."

Koch was last seen at a farm off Westport Road where she used to work. The farm’s owner, Lawrence Palmer-Bell, said he immediately joined in the search efforts and called the K-9 search and rescue organization, KYK9.

“You can walk through a row of corn and you aren’t going to see anything 10 feet one way or the other,” said Palmer-Bell, “There's a lot of ground to cover and they've just worked tirelessly.”

Dog handler and founder of KYK9 Jennifer Jordan Hall said the dogs have picked up a trail but the search has not been without challenges.

“They've picked up a scent trail which is really the key thing,” Hall said, “We've been in the corn it's very very difficult to see the dogs and to see something so if we fly the drone over low enough we're hoping we can see.”

 Rachael Thompson, of Tarpon ROV, traveled from Louisiana to operate the drone and fly it over the corn fields to search for Koch.

The Jefferson County Search Dog Association also set up at an elementary school near Westport Road and send out five teams of bloodhounds to search for Koch.

Koch’s family said they’re grateful for the police, search efforts and the community.

“We don’t want to go anymore nights not finding her and not having her home with us,” Koch’s niece, Magnolia Hensley, said. “She's gone. Gone without any trace any notice or anything and she didn't say goodbye to me.”

Hensley said Adriane is a selfless woman who has touched every person she’s met, though she’s struggled with depression for years. 

Loved ones are asking community members to help distribute fliers around town Monday. Click here to find out how to help.

Anyone with on Koch's whereabouts is urged to call (502) 327-2677. WATCH: Kasey Cunningham’s report

Copyright 2016 WAVE 3 News. All rights reserved.

Analyzing Scent of Decomposition

Today’s search-and-rescue teams use incredible technologies to help find trapped victims. Infrared and thermal cameras, sensitive microphones, and geophones that turn ground movement into voltage measurements, just to name a few.

A highly trained dog, however, is often the most effective.

Even with recent advancements in technology, the sniffer dogs are often the most widely used because of their ability to rapidly search large swathes of land, and track odors back to the source.

Read More

A Look Back - 2015


KYK9 Search and Reunite
Finding Missing Persons, Reuniting Families

A Look Back
December 28, 2015
Hi *|MERGE1|*

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to share with you our accomplishments of this past year. KYK9 continued our ongoing training of K9 Scout, K9 Remy, K9 Pocket and their teams, working with nationally recognized trainers, and collaborating with several new search partners.  Our work took us as far away as Rhode Island for training; to Alabama for testifying as a national expert witness on human remains detection; and throughout the Commonwealth and surrounding states searching for missing persons.
Our searches this year were both successful and difficult.  We are most excited to report that K9 Pocket had her first live find, safely locating a missing child in the woods.  She saved a child’s life and it cannot get any more wonderful than that!  We also worked on several high-profile cases that remain unsolved and we can only hope and pray that our work will help in solving these cases. 
This year brought new volunteers into KYK9’s search efforts.   We have searched with evidence recovery divers; boat captains and ATV drivers; an anthropologist and an underwater ROV; and a college class of forensic science students from Maryland.  We continued our work with the Kentucky State Police, county sheriffs and local police. 

Our community partnerships grew this year. We are honored by employees at Allstate and Hilliard Lyons who generously selected KYK9 as their charity of choice and made generous contributions to KYK9.  We also continued in our role as the search dog team for JCPS.  We partnered with state and non-profit service providers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Finally, we participated in Give Local Louisville with wonderful success, increasing community awareness and financial support of KYK9.  

We are ending the year with KYK9's Annual Fund Drive.  With only 4 days left, we encourage you to participate and make a
donation.  Your donation, no matter the size, is a huge help to a small organization like KYK9.  We would be honored to count you as one of our 2015 partners!

With many thanks,
Jennifer Jordan Hall
Remy searching.
Pocket finds a 400 year old grave!
Scout indicating on a large source.
Allstate employee Mary Wallace with The Giving Campaign.
Working with divers.
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Today is the Day! #GiveLocalLou Give Day!

The day has finally arrived! #GiveLocalLou is here! KYK9 is excited to participate in this day of community giving which creates the opportunity for KYK9 to raise a substantial amount of money and to spread awareness in a single day.  

For those of you who have been planning on making a donation to KYK9, today is an excellent day to make that donation! For those of you who are new donors, remember a gift today earns KYK9 proportionate match dollars!

KYK9 would be honored and grateful to have your support today. If you would be so kind and are inclined, please share this donation request with your family and friends. And, remember, all donations must be made online today before midnight!

K9 Scout, K9 Remy, K9 Pocket and KYK9's Board of Directors sincerely thank you for supporting KYK9!! 

Gratefully yours,

Jennifer Jordan Hall
Director, KYK9

KYK9 is in Good Hands, thanks to Allstate!

Allstate's Louisville Giving Campaign Committee invited KYK9 to visit the corporate offices in April.   K9 Scout did a search demonstration in front of a packed room of 100 employees!  The Giving Campaign Committee then honored us by selecting KYK9 as its 2015 summer 501(c)3 charity.  K9 Scout is so excited to report that this week, Allstate employees presented KYK9 with search supplies and money they had collected to help KYK9.  It is awesome!  Wow! Allstate employees’ rock!  Thank you!