Scent for Safety™ Program                                                                   

  • Scent for Safety is a unique safety program that uses KYK9 scent-specific search dogs, scent evidence and  a cutting edge forensics  to find a lost, missing or abducted child or adult. An individual's scent is collected and stored. If a child, senior or other family member goes missing, the pre-collected scent article can be used by KYK9 search dogs to begin searching for that person immediately, increasing the likelihood of finding them quickly and unharmed.
  • Every individual has a unique scent.  Scent-specific search dogs can follow that scent (ignoring others) and locate that missing person.  Using proper forensic methods and materials, a person's scent can be collected proactively, and preserved in case of an emergency.   

  • A KYK9 forensic Scent Kit is used to collect each individuals scent and the scent is stored for up to one (1) year. Pre-collected scent ensures availability of uncontaminated scent article for search dogs.  Availability of scent enables search dogs to begin searching immediately upon arrival at scene.  This quick deployment increases the odds of locating a missing person unharmed. 

  • This is the ONLY safety program that can REDUCE the length of time a person is missing.  The Scent Kit is used WHILE the person is missing. Unlike a photo or fingerprint, a scent kit is not used for identification after a person is found.  Rather the scent kit is actively and immediately used to actually find the person. 


K9 Search Services 

  • You don’t have to wait; you can call KYK9 directly if a person is missing.
  • Search can begin immediately
  • KYK9 works with law enforcement on behalf of the family
  • Debriefing after search.
  • Written search report of the incident.

Scent Kit 

  • Availability of scent enables K9 to begin searching immediately upon arrival.
  • Quick deployment increases the odds of locating a missing person unharmed

Professional Consults

  • Customized scent safety and search plan crafted to meet unique needs of your family
  • Consults via telephone calls  (up to 30 minutes)  
  • In person consults also available


Benefits of Scent for Safety Program 

  • You will have a pre-collected scent kit ready in case of an emergency.
  • You have a hotline to call KYK9 directly if a family member is missing. 
  • Search can begin immediately.
  • You do not have to wait for police. KYK9 will work with the police.
  • Search dogs are a tool that is often underutilized by law enforcement.  Registering will give peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to find your loved one and bring them home safely. 
  • Registering for the Scent for Safety program is an important part of a good family safety plan.
  • Donating scent kits to high-risk groups who cannot afford them is a significant way you can contribute to the safety of our community.



(FROM HOME PAGE) KYK9 Scent for Safety™ Program:

  • Pre-collect and store a person's unique scent.  If person goes missing, search dogs can use collected scent to start searching immediately to find your loved one.

  • Quick, efficient K9 deployment increases chance of finding a missing or lost person unharmed. 

  • This is only safety program that can reduce the length of time a person is missing.

  • The Program uses a proprietary forensic Scent for Safety™ Kit created by the KYK9 forensic team.

  • Scent for Safety™ kits can be purchased  directly by individuals, families, and institutions.

  • To participate in or learn more about the program, please visit KYK9's Scent for Safety™ page