KYK9 Searches 

Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Forensic Evidence, and Human Remains

These are some examples of searches by KYK9:

  • A 38-year-old cold case where serial killer confessed to the killing and drew a cryptic map before being shanked to death in prison

  • A young man who was on the phone with his girlfriend when someone knocked on his door and he was never heard from again

  • An 18 year old woman who just graduated from high school

  • A mother of a young marine

  • A mother of 4, all under the age of 10

  • College students

  • An elderly man with MS

  • An infant drowning victim

  • A woman found alive under her bed after 4 days

  • K-12 students missing before, during or after school

  • Iraq war veterans

  • A missing spelunker

  • Mentally ill teens and adults

  • A young mother with 5-year-old triplets

  • Disaster response and relief

  • Human remains of murder victim, whose convicted, incarcerated killer revealed the location of her body.

These searches would not have been possible without the support of many individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, volunteers and victim's families.