K9 Pocket

Blackbriar's Master Pickpocket, a/k/a, Pocket, is a Parson Russell Terrier from Blackbriar Kennels in Connecticut. K9 Pocket’s breeders, Pat Wilcox and Laurel Seison, picked K9 Pocket for search work based on her temperament, drive and structure.  What a pick! K9 Pocket, who is now 5 years old, loves to work and find her missing person.  Luckily she has had K9 Remy and K9 Scout tutor her, showing her important nuances and tips that only they know.  When she was two (2), K9 Pocket had her first live find after she trailed a child who went missing from school and found him in the woods. K9 Pocket trains with top instructors from across the country. K9 Pocket loves to work on water, and has searched on many different vessels including a canoe, a jon boat, and a pontoon.  K9 Pocket is nationally certified in human remains, crime scene evidence and water searching.