Five (5) day (40) Hour K-9 Advanced Cadaver Search Class March 15-19, 2016, Louisville KY, hosted by American Patriot K-9 Training LLC and Kentucky K9 Search & Reunite Services.  Instructor:  Matthew T. Zarrella

The 5 day Advanced Cadaver Search course is designed for the K-9 teams that have completed a Basic Cadaver Search course.  The team is required to meet certain prerequisits before attending this class.  The team must be able to successfully conduct a basic search with the dog giving a trained indication when it locates the target material.  The class combines classroom instruction with practical field problems.  It prepares the K-9 team to plan an execute an effective search for human remains and /or blood evidence under a variety of realistic conditions.  Field work includes:

disarticulated remains   
clandestine graves
fire scenes
buried sources
crime scene search

Topics covered include:

K-9 indications:  Passive vs. active

Training techniques:  To insure the K-9 properly indicates on the target odor and ignores distractions.

Search tactics:  Trains the handler to analyze the proposed search and develop a search plan to effectively conduct a search.

Handler ethics:  Discuss ethics involved in the handlers relationship with user agencies.

Technical Resources:  Discussion of resources available to assist in the search for human remains, their use and reliability.

Crime Scene Search Techniques:  Discuss and demonstrate the proper technique used to search a scene for both large and minute evidence.  

Special Search Situations:  Discuss use of the K-9 team for disarticulated remains search including defining the search area and behavior patterns of scavengers.  Discuss and demonstrate the proper techniques used to conduct a scent evidence line up and/or vehicle search for residual evidence.

Court Preparation:  Discuss the proper documentation needed to present K-9 testimony.  Prepare the handler to testify regarding a human remains search.

The above curriculum is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  Students should be prepared to work in various weather conditions.  Evaluations will be offered on the last day of the class and the instructor reserves the right to recommend which canine teams are ready to test. 

Certificates of attendance will be issued to every canine team who completes the class and it is recommended that each student come prepared with a copy of the Cadaver Dog Handbook for class.

A non refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to register for the class and must be received by February 20, 2016
Class size is limited but several seats are still available
Class tuition: $650.00 per canine team.  One canine per handler 

Please make check payable to American Patriot K-9 Training LLC, 140 Mourning Dove Drive, Saunderstown, RI 02874.  

For more information or to register for a spot in the class please contact Matt Zarrella at 401-226-1631 or Jennifer Jordan Hall at 502-295-7972