Student Reflections on KYK9's visit with Adelante Hispanic Achievers


Student Reflections

Jessi 7th grade: I love dogs. I learned that the dogs have a good nose. Some dogs have jobs. One of the dogs had to find the person.

Lazaro 6th grade: I think the most fun thing would be running around and finding people and also meeting new people and playing with the monkey. The most difficult thing would be smelling the scents almost every day and if it was raining, it would be hard to find some scents. Well, thank you for coming to our school and showing us the dogs.


Kevin 6th grade: If I had a dog and wanted to train it to become a search and rescue dog, I would train it by making it do exercise and tgrain him in the dog school. Then I would start the things of the scent. After that I will try him to do a real rescue. If he succeeds, then my training will be complete.

Milena 8th grade: The most fun thing is being rewarded and the most difficult thing is to search for the person.

Adriana 6th grade: I learned that a dog smells things and has to find them.

Raidel 6th grade: I would get one of my mom's brushes and tell my mom to hide and let my dog try to find her.

Dashalys 6th grade: The dogs were very very cute and smart and How to train a dog.

Josselyn 6th grade: The dogs are very, very, very, very cute, but also, very, very, very, very smart. They smell good to other people.

Harold 6th grade: If I was a dog I would love to find people that are lost because it is fun to find people that you don't know and to it is fun to play with people that you don't know.


Director of Adelante Reflects on KY K9 SAR's Visit

"Adelante's mission is to provide opportunities for Hispanic youth and their families to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to function cross-culturally and to contribute to society as informed and pro-active citizens.  Our objectives include introducing our students to fulfilling and sustainable career paths and to meeting community leaders. Thanks to Attorney Jennifer Hall and her K9 SAR Team, Adelante met several of our objectives through a single presentation. Our students at Thomas Jefferson MS got an exciting first hand view of meeting a community leader with two distinct professions!

"Students participated in the Search and Rescue efforts of Remy and Scout; learning how dogs find missing people using their keen sense of smell. Ms. Hall showed our students that the best way to train dogs is by using positive methods and rewards. The success of this method was evident! Remy and Scout were lead through many challenging searches; they had to single out individual students although in several searches the students were "hiding" in groups.

"The dogs performed beautifully, and they didn't get to rest until every one of our students had the opportunity to be "missing!" During the presentation, the students also learned about legal careers and how people may pursue and combine diverse professions. Adelante was truly fortunate to have Ms. Hall work with our students this past week. JCPS and Louisville is also fortunate to have Jennifer Hall and her K9 SAR Team for the important service they do for our community."

Mara Maldonado, Director Adelante Hispanic Achievers

For more information, visit Adelant'es website Photos of visit taken by Andrea McClure