Do you really want to know??

Today a trial judge released the video recording of LMPD detectives interviewing Gregory O’Bryan on the day he confessed and was arrested for the murder of Andrew Compton, a freshman at Sullivan University.  O’Bryan appeared in court today, dressed in blue, not orange, because he is in isolation because of the heinous nature of his crime.  His trial is scheduled to begin in one year on January 6, 2012. 

My dogs and I searched for Andrew and his case haunts me.  An 18-year-old naive college student was killed because he met a 40-year-old man on-line.  Andrew’s parent s knew right away something was very wrong.  We initially worked this search hoping to find Andrew alive.  But the dogs indicated otherwise and O’Bryan confessed.  This twisted, sickening murder is matched in bizarreness only by the massive unsuccessful landfill search to recover Andrew’s body.    

My question: why show O’Bryan’s police interview on network news?  Anyone who watches the video will feel sick.  It can only taint a future jury pool.  And it is painful for Andrew’s family.  Having searched for Andrew, I have struggled with the gruesome details of this tragedy.  I am sorry that the general public now has to grapple with its gruesomeness as well.