Woman Donates Father's Bones to KYK9

This piece was reported by Kasey Cunningham, WAVE3.  You can watch the interview here.  I have added extra pictures below of Cherish and her dad.  Published Friday, August 5th 2016, 11:38 pm EDT; updated Saturday, August 6th 2016, 12:32 am EDT

By Kasey Cunningham, Reporter  WAVE 3 News

Cherish Bailey Solorio

Cherish Bailey Solorio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In February 2014, Ronald Bailey, 64, disappeared from his home in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Bailey’s daughter, Cherish Bailey Solorio, did not give up until his remains were found in coyote scat in the mountains near his home. The bones were discovered by a search and rescue dog organization.
“It was hard to comprehend,” Solorio said.

Cherish and her dad, Ron Bailey

Cherish and her dad, Ron Bailey

But one thing helped Solorio maintain the search for her father was a search and rescue dog organization, KYK9, that ultimately helped find Ronald Bailey.
“She kept coming and helping me.” Solorio said, “She started to find pieces of my dad's skull in different areas.”
Handler Jennifer Jordan Hall Parson’s Russell Terriers named Scout, Remy and Pocket train for hours to help find missing people. Part of their training is using bones, but it’s increasingly difficult to find human bone to train with.

“The bone is just something that's hard to get,” Hall said.

But when Solorio went to the coroner’s office on Wednesday to retrieve her father’s bones, she had a purpose for the pieces.

Five out of the six of the bones are going to Parson’s, for Scout, Pocket and Remy to use for training.

“I want to help any other family,” Solorio said, “so the dogs can train more on human bone.”

Precious pieces of her dad will live on in service.

“That's what my dad would want,” Solorio said, “because he lived in nature and obviously died in nature.”

The gift came as a shock to Hall.
“I was just really touched and honored,” Hall said. “I hope the dogs will be able to help someone because she helped us.”

Cherish will keep a piece of her father as well, a scrap of his clothing that was found in the woods.

“If it helps one family in training or anything like that, my dad did his job,” Solorio said.

Cherish says hi to Pocket, who helped find her dad's remains.

Cherish says hi to Pocket, who helped find her dad's remains.