Welcome Blackbriar's Master Pickpocket

KYK9 is thrilled to introduce our newest K9 member, 12-week-old Blackbriar's Master Pickpocket.  K9 Pocket is a Parson Russell Terrier bred by Pat Wilcox and Laurel Seison, Pocket's excellent confirmation, temperament and working instinct comes from the line of Imis of Willowall, the foundation of Blackbriar's breeding program.  

I have been honored to have the tutelage, expertise, and honesty of Pat Wilcox and Laurel Seison iselecting K9 Pocket to join KYK9, K9 Remy and K9 Scout forged this friendship last summer when Pat Wilcox, who is one of the country's top judges of PRT's, watched them search.  Impressed, Pat generously offered to help KYK9 find its next PRT search dog . . . And, today we proudly present K9 Pocket! We hope you will welcome her to the KYK9 team and help her grow into a search dog who will make Remy and Scout proud.