Water Training

We were doing water training this morning.  This was our 2nd boat work of the year, but was the 1st cold morning in weeks, with the temperatures in the low 40's, with the windchill in the mid-30s.  The goal of today's traiing was to work on reading our dogs behavior when a boat leaves the scent area.  This helps us better pinpoint the location of a submerged body.  Typically, change in the dogs behavior is subtle and uniquely individual.

Remy and Scout both love working in a boat. But this morning, Scout was especially "amped up."  So when the boat left the scent area, Scout got frantic, as if to say   "It is back there, its back there. We missed it." Scout perched on the bow of the boat, shaking in excitment and then she fell in.  Definately not subtle behavior.  Luckily, Scout's little dog life-jacket made it easy to scoop her back into the boat.  Although she was wet and shaking from the cold, Scout continued working, as if she had never left the boat or gone swimming.  Quite incredible how much Scout loves to work.