Tombstone Marks an Empty Grave: In Memory of Andrew Compton

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with John, Angie and Derek Compton on the second anniversary of Andrew Compton's death.   Andrew was an 18 year old freshman at Sullivan University when he went missing in October 2010.  

Gregory O'Bryan, a 42 year old man who met Andrew online, admitted to being with Andrew when he died. O'Bryan told police he disposed of Andrew's body in a trash dumpster. Unfortunately, by the time O'Bryan "confessed," the trash had been picked up, sent to a transfer station and transported to a large landfill in Menora, Indiana.  An intensive week-long search was spent unsuccessfully combing through garbage.

Andrew's body has never been found.  O'Bryan remains in jail awaiting trial on charges of murder. Andrew's parents and brother are still hoping to find Andrew's remains.  They have waited, prayed and hoped for 2 years. Now, this weekend, the Comptons are picking out Andrew's tombstone.  A tombstone that will mark an empty grave. 

May Andrew always be remembered for his special gifts.   May his remains one day be found, to be laid in a grave that has been empty for 2 long years.  May his family find strength in their sorrow.  Amen.