Today is the Day! #GiveLocalLou Give Day!

The day has finally arrived! #GiveLocalLou is here! KYK9 is excited to participate in this day of community giving which creates the opportunity for KYK9 to raise a substantial amount of money and to spread awareness in a single day.  

For those of you who have been planning on making a donation to KYK9, today is an excellent day to make that donation! For those of you who are new donors, remember a gift today earns KYK9 proportionate match dollars!

KYK9 would be honored and grateful to have your support today. If you would be so kind and are inclined, please share this donation request with your family and friends. And, remember, all donations must be made online today before midnight!

K9 Scout, K9 Remy, K9 Pocket and KYK9's Board of Directors sincerely thank you for supporting KYK9!! 

Gratefully yours,

Jennifer Jordan Hall
Director, KYK9