St. Roch's dog: Was he a bloodhound?

Statue of St. Rokus in Szigetvár - Hungary

St. Roch lived in the 14 century and tended to those sickened by the plague in Italy.  When St. Roch himself became sick, he retreated to the woods to die alone.  But at legend would have it, a nobleman's dog found St. Roch, licked and healed his wounds and brought him bread from his masters table.  The dog nursed St. Roch to back to health.  Most images of St. Roch and his dog do not depict a hound dog, in fact the dog is often  imaged in varying colors and sizes. Yet, it would make sense that the dog was a hound, as bloodhounds were dogs of the aristocracy.   This sculpture gorgiouslyand ironically depicts St. Roch on his pilgrimage of penitence  accompanied by an aritsotcratic hound. St, Roch is the Patron Saint of healing and also in many places is considered the Patron Saint of Dogs.