Search continues for missing couple, day after body found in Clark Co.

Bobby Jones 

Coverage of our search efforts in the rain.  

By Garrett Wymer | 

Posted: Sat 7:19 PM, Aug 06, 2016  | 

Updated: Sun 5:44 PM, Aug 07, 2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The rain on Saturday did not stop people from searching for the bodies of a missing couple from northern Kentucky, one day after a body was found in Clark County.

Investigators on Friday discovered remains in an embankment along Goshen Road, not far from Interstate 64.

State Police say they do not expect to have a positive identification on that body until next week, but some family and friends told WKYT's Kristen Kennedy on Friday that they are confident it is one of their loved ones.

Several groups of families and friends searched in Clark County today, while volunteers with KYK9 Search and Reunite Services, a non-profit organization, brought out their human remains detection dogs to search in Montgomery County.

"What we've done - because this was a needle in a haystack - we created a search plan based on our search knowledge and information about the suspect's patterns," said Jennifer Jordan Hall, director and K9 handler with the organization. "It's turned out that that search pattern...has been really helpful, because that's where this other body was found."

Hall says crews recently searched the area in Clark County where the body was found, but they did not have the dogs to help with them at the time.

They hope now they can find the bodies - and closure for the families - soon.

"The families of both have been so strong," Hall said. "We've been really honored to work with them. I just really hope we can find them as soon as possible."

Even though they got caught in some downpours on Saturday morning, Hall says the rain can actually help the dogs pick up the scent for which they are searching.

Hall asks anyone else out in the Montgomery County/Clark County area to check around their property and keep their eyes open.

On Wednesday, the man charged with Jones' and Warner's murder pleaded not guilty.

Click here for a GoFundMe page to donate to KYK9 for their help searching.