R.A.P Child/Dog Safety Protocol

This past weekend, KYK9 attended the Louisville Kids Fair.  The fair was jammed full of fun activities for kids - pony rides, inflatables, interactive performances, face painting, and more.  KYK9 was there to educate parents how search dogs can help find a lost child.  

While members of the KYK9 Board of Directors manned our table, K9 Scout, K9 Remy and I met lots of kids. Most children did really well with Remy and Scout and knew dog safety rules.  But not all kids or families are familiar with dogs.  It is important for all children to learn dog/child safety protocol.

Parents please teach your children to:

  1. Never RUN up to a dog, move slowly
  2. Always ASK if you can pet a dog, and
  3. Never PET a dog without getting PERMISSION from the dog's owner or handler.  

It is dangerous for your child to pet a dog they do not know because they could get bit and badly hurt. Even nice dogs can get scared and bite out of fear.  Teach your kids to  R.A.P. around dogs.

Please share this RAP dog/child safety protocol with your children, granchildren, extended family and friends.  It is simple yet essential: do not RUN up to a dog, move slowly and always ASK the owner if it is OK to PET the dog. 

Here's to kids loving dogs and dogs loving kids, safely!

- Jennifer