Pop, Pop, Pop.

A few weeks ago, I saw my neighbor, Matthew, who is 2 years old,  running gleefully in his yard  pushing a "popper" toy.  The old-fashion-kind where colorful balls bounce inside a clear dome, making a popping sound.  Oh, to have a popper toy!.  

The next day, I heard pop, pop, pop in the kitchen. Pocket, who watches Matthew with a keen eye, had freed a hard plastic ball from its pet-safe rubber cage, creating her own popper toy.  Pop, pop, pop, Pocket was gleefully chasing the ball, sliding into walls, racing from one room to another.

Every night, for weeks - pop, pop, pop.  Then, tonight pop, pop, pop - crack.  Oh no! Pocket broke her ball.  She is beside herself, looking everywhere for her popper ball. No other toy will do. Maybe Matthew will let us borrow his!   

K9 Pocket pondering how to get her popper ball out of the water bowl.