Plea deal of 40 years in prison offered to O'Bryan in Compton Murder/Sodomy case

In court this morning, Jefferson County Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney, Tom Van De Rostyne offered a 40 year plea bargain to Gregory O'Bryan, the man charged with the 2010 murder/sodomy of 18-year-old Sullivan University student Andrew Compton who has been missing for 2 years.  

O'Bryan admits that Andrew died while with him, that he violated Andrew's corpse and dumped it in the trash.  Andrew's parents were consulted and agreed to the plea bargain offer.

But, O'Bryan's trial is not scheduled until July 2013.  I am afraid O'Bryan will have no reason to accept the plea deal now instead of waiting until closer to his trial date.  If O'Bryan does not consider the deal, this will add 8 more months of waiting and torment for Andrew's family.  I hope that doesn't happen but we shall see.  

   For more see article by Jason Riley in the Courier Journal.