Flash Floods:Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Kentucky has had record levels of rainfall this July.  Along with the rain has come fatal flash flooding.  Johnson County was devastated as raging water destroyed over 40 homes and killed 5 people who could not escape the surging water's wrath.  As we keep Johnson County in our prayers, please also know that more than half of all flooding related deaths occur when individuals attempt to drive in their cars across flooded roads or don't realize a road is flooded until it is too late.  I am sharing this safety video from the US National Weather Service in Boise Idaho for a second time, because it does a good job of illustrating the deadly power of flash flooding.  Please drive safely and keep all 4 wheels on the ground.  

Flooding is one of the leading causes of weather related fatalities in the U.S. On average, flooding claims nearly 90...

Posted by US National Weather Service Boise Idaho on Monday, March 16, 2015