K9 Remy - Written On The Occasion of her 12th Birthday

KYK9 Newsletter  June 2017

K9 Remy

K9 Remy may be the least well known of KYK9's search dogs, at least on social media. Remy works with purpose, joy, little fanfare, and tries to avoid the camera at all costs. Remy is the littlest of KYK9's three (3) dogs, weighing in at 12 pounds. She is also the furriest, sporting an unruly rough coat that readily catches ticks, burrs, and dirt.

Perhaps the best word to describe Remy is intellectual. Her vet calls her a "problem solver," a trait that is reflected in her search style. She works methodically, periodically stopping to analyze the unique scent picture of every search. All three dogs work differently: Scout zips, Pocket gallops, and Remy thinks. 

Remy has a decidedly feminine frame and delicate sensibilities.  But like her sisters, she is tenacious and tough. She comes by her toughness honestly, as her great-grandmother was killed by a bear, while protecting her owner.  

The search work has been particularly tough for Remy this year.  She injured her foot pretty badly during a search, but quickly recovered. A few months later while on another search, Remy was bitten by a brown recluse spider and was very sick.  Yet she battled through it and didn't complain even when she had to wear toddler onesies to keep her wound clean.  Remy even had enough self-assurance to wear her onesie while on an actual search.

Throughout her search career, Remy has always had an incredible knack for finding people. In March, she found small human bones in an area that had already been searched. I was so proud of her!  Last summer on one of the hottest days of the year, Remy correctly picked up and followed the trail of a missing person.  

Remy and I have been partners since she was a pup. As Remy turns 12, she is still hard at work.  Her nose, trademark intellect, and methodical search style continues to be successful.  
Happy Birthday Partner!

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