Connor the Search Dog Handler

Scout greets ConnorScout and Remy have had quite a week.  They have a new friend, Connor, age 6, who spent the long weekend "learning to be a search dog handler."  They worked 4 straight days in the cold, and at times drizzle, and were happy as clams.  

Scout and Remy went to a farm for a "meet and greet" with Nathalie Green's horses. Pony Beatlejuice took Remy and Scout on a tour of the farm, giving the other horses a respite from loud company.  Beatlejuice was nothing short of stoic, ignoring barking running barking etc.  By the end of the visit Scout and Remy were much better behaved and Beatlejuice was exhausted (or at least I was).

Remy kisses ConnorRemy and Scout ran some nice long trails with Connor helping from beginning to end.  I was training a new dog and handler, Roko and Joe. They are a great team and I am excited to be working with them. And Joe even offered Connor a piggyback ride as Connor tackled the longest trail of his life.  But, Connor refused on grounds that he was a search dog handler and had to follow the dogs on foot no matter what.  And, he did!

Remyand Connor after a hard day's workThe week ended with Remy and Scout each running 8 day old trails, kindly laid by Tony  and Mary Ginter. Mary and Tony kindly brought their bloodhounds Hummer and Gibbs to meet  Connor. Hummer and Gibbs were taller than Connor and introduced him to Bloodhound slobber with friendly affection.    

Tuckered out.Mary and Tony let me borrow their GoPro video camera to record the 8 day old searches.  The camera was affixed atop my head.  Not sure how it would work, I ran Remy first.  Classic Remy she used impervious service to her advantage and had a great find.  The video camera was a little loose, but it caught almost the entire trail.  Scout's 8 day old trail started in a field, went to a river and through thick tall brush.  Our encounter with the brush was documented by the GoPro  - not pretty!  The coolest part was that Scout worked through the brush and had an exciting high find at the end.  Great work by both girls!

Connor's visit is over and he has gone home.  Remy, Scout and I miss him already.   He is a great 6 year old search dog handler and an even better kid.