Grooming Remy

Remy is a rough coat or wire-coated Parson Russell Terrier.  To keep her coat coarse and manageable, she has to be groomed every few months either by hand or using a stripping comb.  This improves her coat,  making it denser and coarser, protecting her from briars, prickly plants, and the elements.  Unfortunately, Remy hates stripping (if she were my child, this would be a good thing).  It takes a very long time, hurts in sensitive areas (the back legs and tail) and it leaves her naked, hence the term "stripping."  But, if I don't groom Remy regularly, her coat tangles, making the process all the harder.

Well, I didn't groom Remy in December like I should have.  So Sunday, we had our long overdue grooming session.  When I started, Remy was fine.  But after a while she squirmed, twisted, stood on her hind legs and hugged me around the neck as if her life depended on it.   A few hugs later, Remy was fine again, until she decided she just couldn't  take the torture any more.  She started crying, Scout started barking, and I start wishing Remy were a bloodhound: have you ever heard of a bloodhound going to a groomer?

Remy after Stripping

So, this is what she looks like right now, after the grooming ordeal.  Thank goodness she is naturally cute - I can only do so much damage.  Remy and I are both recovering, but we both know that another grooming weekend looms in the not too distant future.