What Wind Chill?

K9 Remy, K9 Scout and I trained today for 5 hours with Stephanie, K9 Jasper, K9 Aries and K9 Hitch (the newest member of their family). We were surprised by the season's first snow fall, with the temperature 24-26 degrees, 12-14 degrees with the wind chill.  Although there was very little accumulation, the snow came down in intense bursts and the first winter advisory of the season was issued by the National Weather Service. Our volunteer victims, Jason and Alyssa, bravely bundled up and  ran off in opposite directions into Jefferson Memorial Forest.  Then the snow hit, limiting visibility and making  the hilly trails slippery.  In the forest, it was "snow quite", the only noise was the creaking of large tree branches about to crack and drop to the ground.

I was beginning to think the bitter cold weather conditions were miserable. But Remy LOVES the snow and jumped with joy amid the snow flakes.  Remy proceeded to work non-stop for an hour and  finished out with a strong run to her victim and proudly led me back to the vehicle with her stuffed monkey in her mouth. Remy had so much fun, it turned out to be a beautiful day.  What wind chill?