Frostbitten Fingers

Yesterday, Remy, Scout and I were working on an ongoing search investigation.  For scheduling reasons, we had to meet at 2PM.  Rain was forecast to roll into the region around 4PM.  Of course at 1:45 PM  the rain arrived.  It was cold, right above freezing and windy.   It felt like we were getting drenched with ice water.   The search went well and Remy and Scout both worked hard and neither got cold!  But, when I went to get my car keys I tapped my pockets locate them but I didn't feel any keys.  I quickly realized that it wasn't just the keys, my fingers were not feeling much of anything.   Problem solved - have someone else tap my pockets. Bingo, keys found.
After 3 hours in the freezing, wind blown rain, our search work was done and we went home.  Remy and Scout got their dinner and the couch.  I took a warm shower.  Ahhh!! Then I looked down at my hands: they were as red as a Louisville Cardinal. Yikes!  I calmed down as my hands began to look more like Flamingos and then like Red Finches. As images of red birds subsided, my hands began to hurt.  Pain never felt so good.  And, as I sit here typing I am happy to report that my fingers feel every key.