KYK9 Supports "Barkitecture" at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Yew Dell Gardens is a botanical gem located in Crestwood Kentucky.  This past Sunday, the Gardens alllowed patrons to bring dogs onto Yew Dell grounds for the first time for "barkitecture"  a celebration of unique artistic dog houses.  What a collection.  For example, one dog house has live green walls and roof. If you would like to see the barkitecture exhibit, it remains open, although the invitation to dogs was a one time deal.  

KYK9 SAR was asked to participate in the Barkitecture celebration, which provided us with cool training opportunities.  For example, one young girl had picked up an acorn. I asked the girl to put the acorn on the ground and to go hide to see if the Remy and Scout could find her by taking scent off the acorn.  Successful experiment - dogs took scent off the acorn and trailed directly to the young girl.  No matter how luxurious or charicture ladden the unique dog houses, Remy and Scout were not interested.  They like sleeping in their bed which they also share with me.