Frazier Museum Search

KYK9 SAR was a guest today at the Spies, Sleuths and Sneaks Summer Camp at the Frazier History Museum. We had a really good time.  The campers were so inquisitive and respectful of the dogs.  It has been a very difficult month, looking for a missing mother of 5 year old tripletts, a missing mother of a 12 year old, and a missing 2 1/2 year old toddler who drowned.  As I have mentioned before, the dogs get depressed when searches don't end well.  And, as I realized yesterday, I am emotionally exhausted.  So it truly was wonderful  to visit with the kids today.  The dogs and I feel so much better.  Thank you campers and counselors at the Fraizer!  We hope you all had a good time too and learned safety tips along the way.


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