Family of Missing Woman Seek Help from KYK9

Brandi Fields, a 33 year old mother, went missing Friday night at 9:00 PM in Ransom KY which is near the West Virginia border.  Brandi was last seen being picked up in a vehicle outside of her home where she lived with her parents and son, Tyler.  The family knew something was wrong, as Brandi never left home for more than a few hours without phoning her son or parents.  Her family asked KYK9 SAR to come help them search for her.  We got permission from the police to assist and we prepared to come search.  During this time  we got to "meet" many of you who are friends and family of Brandi.  Thank you for your support and well wishes in our search efforts. Sadly, 12 hours before we were to begin our search, Brandi's body was found.  We offer our deepest condolences to her family and the Ransom, KY community.  During your time of loss and grief, I hope you can ontinue to be strong.   To learn more, click here.