Happy Birthday K9 Remy

Today is Remy's birthday.  She is six years old.  It seems like yesterday when I flew to Providence,  Rhode Island to pick her out and bring her home.  Her bloodlines are the same as my first Parson Russell Terrier, Wren.  Remix of Wren means "feather of the bird."  After Wren died, I tried to find her bloodlines, with no success.  

Wren's mother's name was "Bubbles 'n Squeak."  I called breeder after breeder, none of whom had ever heard of Bubbles 'n Squeak. About to give up hope, I called a breeder in Rhode Island and I barely said "Did you know a dog named "Bubbles 'n Squeak" when the breeder replied excitedly - "Yes, she was my favorite dog."  The breeder regaled me with stories and I learned that Bubbles 'n Squeak gained some notoriety in New England when, defending her family, she was killed by a bear.  Remy comes from this family line.  I also learned that her great-grandfather was the breed type used by the AKC when Parson Russell terriers were recognized by the Kennel Club.  

But to me, Remy was just Remy.  I picked her because she was "the one."  And my selection was given the seal of approval by Remy's  soon to be God-Mother, Ann Bertone. With Ann's blessing, Remy and I were dropped at the Providence Airport to fly home.   Remy was supposed to stay in her carry-on carrier, but I took her out and word spread among the airport employees who came in droves to visit her.  Remy was so good, not a peep the entire trip on the plane. 

When we arrived home, Remy was immediately inspected/greeted by her new sister Scout.  The next day she met her deaf big brother, Butch, who slept through the excitement of her arrival but seemed to enjoy her kisses on his beard.  Remy is our little one, and always will be no matter what her age.   Happy Birthday Remy!!