Hard Heads

A friend of mine,Ysela, just got knocked in the head by her malinois dog, Cleo.  She fears a black eye.  I fear for her.  A few months ago, I was playing tag with Scout in the house. Object of game: Scout runs like heck and I try to touch her (like touch football).  If I touch her, I win.  If not, we keep running and running.  So, competitive juices flowing, I did my best Danny Woodhead immitation and tried to dart around a corner for a surprise attack.  Instead, I slamed my head into a door jam that was not going anywhere.  I saw stars and scared Scout who came back to lick me off the floor.  What hurt almost more than my head was the humiliation I felt for the next 4 weeks being asked repeatedly if I had been in a fight, an accident,  or had been abused.  It was ugly.  But, thanks to my hard head mu injury was only ugly and nothing more.  I wish the same for you Ysela, that it is only the ugly and nothing more.