Donkeys and Dogs

Remy, Scout and I were training yesterday at a farm run by an outspoken Sardinian Jackass, Guido.  We had trained at this farm the week before and  Guido had introduced himself to Remy, braying, braying, braying. Remy, giving her best "howl," got in her play stance and slowly inched toward the vociferous Guido, until their noses touched.  A new friend.  At least for Remy. Yesterday Guido was in his stall, when he spotted Scout and he started up another very long conversation. Scout ran to Guido and forgot everything else, including me.  Scout treated Guido like a huge possum, she was going to back him into a corner.  Not good.

Heart racing, I rolled under the fence, got to the barn, but Scout ran around the side, and squeezed through a hole into the barn.  I plowed my way (no graceful way to put it) through a wire opening, and fell into the barn, just as Scout entered Guido's stall.  Either, Scout had been so quick or my bumbling had been so distracting that Guido was still looking out into the field for Scout and was visibly freaked when Scout came racing up behind him.  Not good.

As I pulled myself off the ground, trying to open the stall door, all of a sudden Scout came racing out of the stall; Guido had freaked her right back!   I snatched Scout up.  She was fine and other than cuts and bruises on my legs and torn clothes, I was fine. But, all future play-dates with Guido have been cancelled, although Remy might be allowed supervised visitation. P.S.  I have now researched donkeys and dogs and have learned that my fear for Scout was well founded.  Donkeys don't like dogs and have been known to kill beagles, poodles, spaniels and other small dogs out of fear.  Guido looks something like the donkey in this photo.