Found From Heaven

This past summer, 73-year-old retired electrician, Jim Arrighi, who lives in Erin, TN, lost his 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Petie.  Petie was gone, he had disappeared. Jim and his family searched and searched for Petie to no avail.   Then on October 12, Jim's wife, Juanita, died from pulmonary disease.  "]Jim Reunited with his beloved dog, Petie[/caption] Grieving and alone, Jim's children wanted him to get another dog to keep him company. But, Jim could not "replace" Petie and refused to get another dog.  Two (2) weeks after his wife died Petie, who had been missing for 3 months, was found 500 miles away near Detroit  and was reunited with Jim through the help of the Michigan Humane Society.  Jim believes that his wife in heaven sent Petie back to him.  Honestly, I believe that too. Read more about Jim and Petie.