KYK9 Helping Search for Missing Spelunker

Kevin Eve, a 25 year old Iraq War Vet, has been missing since October 1.  To view news video, click here.  Kevin's abandoned car was found  10 days ago parked on the side of a gravel road deep in the woods of Crawford County, Indiana an area reknown for its caves, both marked and unmarked, discoveredand undiscovered.  Kevin is an avid spelunker and grew up caving in the area which has very rugged terrain.  The rugged terrain, along with the plethera of caves, make search conditions challenging.

As we have searched, I have tried to evaulate the scent evidence followed/found by KY Remy and K9 Scout in the complex context of a large, interconnected caving system.  I see  2 counterbalancinge factors:  air in caves is cooler than the air outside the cave and that differential increases throughout the day.  But air in the caves also is damp, dense and there is very little air flow and no light/heat source, so scent may be very contained.  I am not sure which factor is smore important .