Warnings Signs for Wandering

  • Person tries to fulfill former obligations, such as going to work.
  • Person tries or wants to go home even when already at home.
  • Person is restless, paces or makes repetitive movements.
  • Person has difficulty locating familiar places like the bathroom, bedroom or dining room.
  • Person checks the whereabouts of familiar people.
  • Person acts as if doing a hobby or chore, but nothing gets done (moves around pots and dirt without actually planting anything).
  • Person appears lost in a new or changed environment.

Do Not Touch!!

The likelihood of successfully locating a missing person decreases as time passes, so it is critical to respond in a quick and accurate manner. Successful searches depend on the professional collection of a scent article of the missing person. If a loved one is missing, try to remember not to touch their belongings, including their clothes, vehicle, or bike.