KYK9 uses scent-specific search dogs to locate missing persons and effect justice for victims and their families.  KYK9 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Emergency Contact: 502-295-7972

Photos from Recent Searches 

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To find missing persons, KYK9 search dogs:

  • Follow the unique scent of a missing person. 

  • Ignore scent of other people.

  • Follow bike and car trails.

  • Search and clear homes and buildings. 

  • ID a person hiding in a crowd.

  • Locate human remains on land or in water.

  • Find forensic evidence in criminal cases.
  • Search anytime, night or day.

KYK9 Scent for Safety™ Program:

  • Pre-collect and store a person's unique scent.  If person goes missing, search dogs can use collected scent to start searching immediately to find your loved one.

  • Quick, efficient K9 deployment increases chance of finding a missing or lost person unharmed. 

  • This is only safety program that can reduce the length of time a person is missing.

  • The Program uses a proprietary forensic Scent for Safety™ Kit created by the KYK9 forensic team.

  • Scent for Safety™ kits can be purchased  directly by individuals, families, and institutions.

  • To participate in or learn more about the program, please visit KYK9's Scent for Safety™ page


Watch this Video to Learn About KYK9

KYK9 thanks filmmaker Mark Cowherd, reporter Kirby Adams, and Kosair Charities for funding and producing this video.