KYK9 uses search dogs to locate missing persons and effect justice for victims and their families.  KYK9 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. 

Emergency Contact: 502-295-7972

KYK9 search dogs find missing persons. They can:

K9 Pocket at water training.

  • Follow the unique scent of a missing person. 

  • Ignore scent of other people.

  • Follow bike and car trails.

  • Search and clear homes and buildings. 

  • ID a person hiding in a crowd.

  • Locate human remains on land or in water.

  • Find forensic evidence in criminal cases.
  • Search anytime, night or day.

K9 Remy

K9 Remy

K9 Scout loving on Cub Scout

Watch this Video to Learn About KYK9

KYK9 thanks filmmaker Mark Cowherd, reporter Kirby Adams, and Kosair Charities for funding and producing this video.